The only good thing about having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?
I can lick my own elbow!
Listen for the Zebras....

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Design, just for EDS

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What do you think of the new design? I love the bright colors and of course the purple and green I am using for awareness. It shows Kasiah, Stryder and our dog Hershey. I debated drawing a picture of my husband and I but my husband said that people like kids, they don't like us LOL--
Let me know your thoughts.
And I just LOVE my signature! I found this little zebra on the internet - Zebras are the "mascot" for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome because they are so rare and when you hear hoof beats you think horses, but sometimes they are zebras as in the case with the medical problems that people with EDS have sometimes: it's not usually what they seem.


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