I LOVE my glimmer mist but I can’t justify the cost. I have made my own glimmer mist with pearl ex and even perfect pearls, so I decided that in the middle of the night I was going to make some more but using the re-inker with pearl ex. Well, I’m not sure what caused it but I have green splatter all over my work area and clothes and now a spray pen that doesn’t work. I tried to put it in hot water and soaked it all night and tried again this morning, but it’s broke. That obviously didn’t work as I planned, but what managed to get out was pretty and glittery.

So this morning I tried a new plan and it worked like a charm!
I also added a small pearl inside the spray pen to help mix it up some. The result is a beautiful mix of glitter and color at just the right shade! So choose your shade and get to making! I don’t know about you but I must have all the colors now that I know I can!

Exclusive Inks® Re-Inker

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Create-A-Shade™ Pearl Paint