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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stamp Organization

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I've seen a lot of people looking for a way to store their stamps. CTMH recently changed how they "organize" and label their stamps and that put a lot of chaos in things for a lot of people, but it really reinforced the way I store my stamps.

I have a stamp binder that holds my stamp categories, WOTG pages and my Make it from your Heart book as well as pages straight from the catalogs, all color coded and alphabetized! So sit back and enjoy, as this post will be very picture heavy!

I put all of my stamps into a container I got at JoAnn's. I took them out of the plastic sleeves and numbered all the stamps starting with "1" all the way to "170" at this moment. All the stamps have the number put on with a label maker and then each paper inset has the stamp name, number and which catalog it was in.

Here is my binder, plain but functional.

I have my recipe index in the first part so I can reference it easily if needed-

Next is my alphabetized themes.

You can either take the stamps off the sheet and scan the image in and crop that way or you can use the catalog since they are actual size. I prefer to have them actual size any way I do it so that I can make sure my image will fit prior to getting the stamp set out. I have almost 200 pages once printed.

Another option is to stamp directly onto a sheet of paper. I started by doing it that way but became bored.

I have the following (some stamps fit into more than one category:
Bugs and Butterflies
Calendar? ABCs & 123's
Love (this includes all wedding, anniversary, etc)
Sentiments (the ones that do not fit into another category)

All the holidays go into the following sections:

All the stamps on the sheet have the number near it for easy reference.

After my categories I have pages from the catalogs themselves with the number of the stamp on them. I highlighted the top corner of the pages with the catalog  and whats missing is my alphabetized reference list of every single stamp in the last three catalogs (AW2011, SS2012, and AW2012) all highlighted with either blue, pink or green depending on the Idea Book it was in.

Next are my WOTG guides. I cut the inside page a little so that I could hole punch them and open it without having to take it out of the binder.

The very last part is the Make from your Heart book:

My inks are stored in an old tape cassette holder I found at a thrift shop for a dollar. I put some purple ribbon on it to make it more pretty. All of the current colors are labeled on the side with a number 1-69- the retired ones I can still use on my personal things but the current ones are right where I can see them.

I hope this all made sense- please leave your comments on how you store your stamps-

PS - I will be showing how I organize my copics and which colors match with Copics.


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